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The FJN is an independent group of editorial professionals interested in covering topics surrounding the mysteries of human existence, such as the nature of consciousness; the relationship between mind, body and spirit; the truth and purpose of faith and wisdom traditions; the science of spirituality; and the ‘big questions’ of life and the universe.

Challenges & Opportunities

The results of our journalists’ survey last year confirmed some of our hunches on the challenges and opportunities of covering such topics as consciousness, and delivered some key insights on how the FJN can help. Check out the summary of findings via video and this story.

The primary challenge covering this topic surrounds the belief it is pseudoscience: Getting leads on solid research and finding sources is tough; editors are biased or wary of the topics; and the researchers and scientists lack media fluency.

What we’re doing about it

  • We run a Media Training Course for researchers, academics and scientists. Participants learn concepts and skills to help them understand what makes a story, and how to engage with journalists in written form, interviews and social media. In 2023, nearly 20 professionals participated — and provided great reviews; one even landed a podcast interview based on a homework assignment. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D, has shared his tips for dealing with the media, as well. Upon completing the course, participants are eligible to become part of an upcoming FJN database of sources for journalists.
  • We’re producing a series of Topic Briefs for Journalists (see below) to gain context for subjects that have often been overlooked, censored or misrepresented by mainstream media and even mainstream science. These include history, resources and contacts. (Let us know if you’d like to contribute your experience on a topic.)
  • If you are looking for subject matter experts or researchers surrounding topics of consciousness and other human phenomena, please contact us and we’ll reach out to our vast network in the research community.
  • We host meetings that feature guest speakers and serve as a gathering place for like-minded editorial and communications professionals to discuss covering these topics. See highlights on our YouTube channel. Please email to request an invitation.
  • Story Ideas aim to keep you informed about research and happenings related to mysteries of human experience.
  • We’re developing a list of media contacts and interview sources for journalists. Until that service is readily available, please email us your enquiry and we’ll do our best to find sources for your story.
  • Funding is important to executing our strategy. If you know of any sources that support journalism endeavours for science, spirituality and “the big questions” about life and meaning, please let us know.
  • FJN team members are available to speak on our topics of interests and the current challenges and opportunities around media coverage at journalism conferences, science conferences, and other events. Please get in touch to explore opportunities.

We invite editorial professionals to…

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Are you an editorial professional (interested in) covering topics surrounding human phenomena?
Please introduce yourself by emailing . Include your affiliation and a link to your work. Your input can help shape the FJN, and we’re happy to keep you informed of resources and opportunities to support your work. There is no membership fee at the moment.

Are you an editorial professional with knowledge of a particular aspect of human phenomena?
If you may be interested in penning a Topic Brief for the FJN, please contact us via and we’ll share guidelines and terms.