Media Training Course

Increase the impact of your work by engaging positively with the press.

We surveyed journalists to learn how we could support their coverage of the science of spirituality and the mysteries of human phenomena. They want topical stories about new research and experts who can tell them why it matters.

We’ve developed this course to help scientists, scholars and practitioners find the story within their work, pitch it, and gain exposure.

The commitment is participating in six 90-minutes online sessions plus homework assignments. The Galileo Commission is generously subsidizing this course to reduce the participant fee to £25.

NEXT COURSE takes place in October 2024.


  • Scientists engaged in active research at the frontiers of science and spirituality. This can include everything from fundamental physics and cosmology to psychology, neuroscience and consciousness studies to complimentary medicine.
  • Authors of scientific papers, articles and books (already published or proposed).
  • Academics with an overview of science and spirituality who would be prepared to comment on topical stories.
  • Participants will be expected to join an ‘experts list’ available from the FJN for selected media interviews.

Course Leaders

  • Liza Horan, journalist and strategic communications consultant specialising in digital media.
  • Martin Redfern, science writer and broadcaster with 30+ years’ experience at BBC Radio.


  • Six 90-minute live sessions on Zoom plus weekly homework assignments.
  • Online sessions Tuesdays starting at 6 p.m. GMT.
  • Numbers will be limited to ensure personal guidance and group discussion.


  • Week 1 Introduction and writing for non-specialist audiences
  • Week 2 Feedback on writing exercise, plus the live interview
  • Week 3 Feedback on interviews
  • Week 4 Raise your visibility online
  • Week 5 Engage your audience
  • Week 6 Social media best practices


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What previous participants say about the
FJN Media Training Course

“A vital course for anybody wanting to spread the word about their research findings.”

– Peter Granger, HeartBond

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course. The content, delivery and assignments were all meaningful and delivered professionally … and it was cheerful, packed with advice and practical solutions.”

– Denise Gurney, Kinesiopractic(c) trainer

“The material presented was informative, insightful and practical. The course leaders were engaging and constructive in their feedback and critique.”

Edi Bilimoria, researcher and author of “Unfolding Consciousness

“This course greatly helped me to ‘come out of the closet’ as a spiritual researcher. I actually connected with several people who are interested in my research by posting about it on social media (for the assignment). (I) also got invited to a podcast and gained more confidence doing interviews.”

– Christian Stokke, Norway