How we help researchers

Journalists told us they want to cover topics surrounding the mysteries of human experience — such as the nature of consciousness; the relationship between mind, body and spirit; the truth and purpose of faith and wisdom traditions; the science of spirituality; and the ‘big questions’ of life and the universe.

But they are challenged to find newsworthy story ideas and strong sources, and then to succeed pitching that story to management.

We’re working to turn those challenges into opportunities for the research community of scientists, scholars and practitioners. We know that exciting work is being conducted to explore and discover the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of phenomena within the human experience.

Our Media Training Course helps evidence-based practitioners better understand how to engage the press successfully. This live interactive course boosts your know-how to gain more visibility for your work. We run this course a few times a year through the FJN, and we’re available to present it privately for organisations.

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The FJN team is available to speak and facilitate panel discussions at conferences, and provide bespoke media training to organisations. Feel free to contact us.