Covering the Placebo Effect: Sources

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This is part of FJN’s Topic Briefs for Journalists series.


Below is a collection of sources to interview, cite or gain background. Feel free to suggest others by emailing .

Scientific & Academic Resources

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston

Ted J. Kaptchuk, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Harvard-wide Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter (PiPS) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Jeremy Howick, philosopher and medical researcher who is Professor of Empathic Healthcare and Director of the Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare at the University of Leicester.

Harald Walach, Professorial Research Fellow at the Next Society Institute with Kazimieras Simonavicius University in Vilnius, Lithuania, and founder and director of the Change Health Science Institute.

Published Papers, Books & Articles

Preserving the placebo effect after disclosure: A new perspective on non-deceptive placebos (Emadi Andani et al., 2024)

Six surprising things about placebos everyone should know (J. Howick, 2024)

Placebo effect (Munnangi et al., 2023)

The Power of Placebos: How the Science of Placebos and Nocebos Can Improve Health Care (J. Howick, 2023)

You Know it’s a Placebo. So Why Does It Still Work? (Wired magazine, 2023)

Historical evolution of the scientific investigation of the placebo analgesic effect (F. Benedetti, 2022)

Nocebo vs Placebo Effects: Their Clinical Relevance (M. Tavel, 2022)

The Power of the Placebo Effect (Harvard, 2021)

Can insights from placebo and nocebo mechanisms studies improve the randomized controlled trial? (L Vase, 2020)

Rapid overview of systematic reviews of nocebo effects reported by patients taking placebos in clinical trials (Howick et al., 2018)

The Placebo Effect in Pain Therapies (L. Colloca, 2018)

What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick? (The New York Times, 2018)

Sham surgical procedures for pain intervention result in significant improvements in pain: systematic review and meta-analysis (Gu et al., 2017)

Possible contribution of quantum-like correlations to the placebo effect: consequences on blind trials (F. Beauvais, 2017)

Strong placebo response thwarts painkiller trials (J. Marchant, 2015)

Increasing placebo responses over time in U.S. clinical trials of neuropathic pain (Tuttle et al., 2015)

The neuroscience of placebo effects: connecting context, learning and health (T. Wager; L. Atlas, 2015)

Are Treatments More Effective than Placebos? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Howick et al., 2013)

The early history of the placebo (R Jütte, 2013)

A new perspective on “the placebo effect”: Untangling the entanglement (N. Manek; W. Tiller, 2011)

The placebo effect: illness and interpersonal healing (Miller et al., 2009)

Placebo research: the evidence base for harnessing self-healing capacities (H. Walach; W. Jonas, 2004)

The Powerful Placebo: From Ancient Priest to Modern Physician (A. Shapiro, E. Shapiro, 1998)

Analgesic responses to morphine and placebo in individuals with postoperative pain (Levine et al., 1981)

Compiled by Anders Bolling for FJN


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