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Story Ideas

Newsworthy developments and angles to seed future coverage

Identical twins wanted for telepathy study

June 2024 The Institute for Noetic Sciences, IONS, is now looking for people who want to participate in a scientific investigation of telepathy. The American institute is particularly seeking identical twins or other “emotionally bonded pairs” over the age of 18. The...

Psi researchers think the same way as academic sceptics

June 2024 A new study by three researchers at the University of Virginia shows that the cognitive style of psi researchers is no different than that of academics who are sceptic to psi phenomena. Why are people more or less prone to believing in psi phenomena like...

Remote viewers perform better in certain emotional states

June 2024 Precognition -- the ability to sense seemingly unpredictable future events -- is one of the most robust psi phenomena. A number of studies have provided evidence for precognition, where participants must implicitly or explicitly predict future outcome of...

Study: Single focus in meditation boosts brainwaves best

May/June 2024 Despite the increasing popularity of meditation in the Western world, there is still very limited knowledge about the neural correlates of this practice. In a new study done in collaboration with a Tibetan monastery in India, Italian researchers show...

Is it possible be ‘no one’, philosophers ask 

June 2024 The entire June 2024 issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies is dedicated to one intricate question: Is subjectless consciousness possible? Ten philosophers offer their respective take. All experience needs an experiencer, notes Galen Strawson, but that...

Press Watch

Analysis of significant mainstream media coverage of key topics

Near-Death Experiences are a hot topic in mainstream media

May 2024 The press is ramping up its coverage of Near-Death Experiences as more scientific research is published and more high-profile experiencers share their stories. Scientific American published a long-form piece on cutting edge research on consciousness and NDEs,...

In long-form piece on death, The Guardian avoids crucial research

April 2024 A long-form story in The Guardian purports to cover the latest research on the process of dying and on Near-Death Experiences (NDE), the “extraordinary psychic journeys” some people have between cardiac arrest and resuscitation. However, the piece revolves...

Open-minded BBC documentary on NDEs

October 2023 BBC World Service has aired "Heart and Soul: My journey beyond death," an open-minded radio documentary on Near-Death Experiences. It features David Ditchfield, who had a profound NDE after a dramatic train accident, and Gigi Strehler, who founded the...

Topic Briefs

Primers to help journalists cover topics often overlooked, censored or misrepresented by mainstream media and mainstream science.

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Journalist survey reveals challenges and opportunities to coverage

“Consciousness” is the No. 1 interest for future coverage by journalists, according to a survey by the Frontier Journalists’ Network. However, it’s tough to find stories and trusted sources, and then gain approval from higher-ups. Read more