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Story Ideas

Newsworthy developments and angles to seed future coverage

Near-Death Experiences are a hot topic in mainstream media

May 2024 The press is ramping up its coverage of Near-Death Experiences as more scientific research is published and more high-profile experiencers share their stories. Scientific American published a long-form piece on cutting edge research on consciousness and NDEs,...

Astrobiologist: Consciousness preceded life

May 2024 Most scientists believe that consciousness emerged after life, as a product of evolution. But there is reason to believe that consciousness preceded life, argues astrobiologist Stuart Hameroff and collaborators Anirban Bandyopadhyay and Dante Lauretta, in the...

Subconscious brain activity predicts winning investments

May 2024 A Dutch-Norwegian study on stock market predictions seems to indicate that the unconscious mind knows more about the future than does the conscious mind. “Consistently forecasting the stock market remains notoriously difficult, if not entirely impossible”,...

Jungian archetypes facilitate altered consciousness, study finds

May 2024 A new Japanese study shows how Jungian psychology can be applied in the context of shamanic rituals and altered states of consciousness. Eliciting archetypes can facilitate a shift in consciousness, the authors write in Frontiers in Psychology. According to...

Prominent neuroscientist questions views after NDE

May 2024 World-leading neuroscientist Christoph Koch speaks openly in the Philosophy Babble podcast that a Near-Death Experience has shifted his worldview. Koch shared with philosopher Bernardo Kastrup that the experience has influenced his move away from the...

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Primers to help journalists cover topics often overlooked, censored or misrepresented by mainstream media and mainstream science.

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Journalist survey reveals challenges and opportunities to coverage

“Consciousness” is the No. 1 interest for future coverage by journalists, according to a survey by the Frontier Journalists’ Network. However, it’s tough to find stories and trusted sources, and then gain approval from higher-ups. Read more